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  • boot: Yikes: "Feeling misguidingly cute, Kinky the Clown rubbed the duck!"
  • OhNo789: "Mr. Percival awesomely annoyed his gasoline."
  • Keith: hehe.. I like when they make absurd sense.
  • boot: "Feeling forlornly hurt, Wendel collected the duck."
  • Keith: a prelude to an amped up Scrine Radio page
  • OhNo789: Love the amped up "now playing" list, Keith.

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boot, littledevilworks

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boot, littledevilworks

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Boot, Carrot, littledevilworks, 'mouse

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Boot, Pam, 'mouse, Grudknows

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'mouse, Boot

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Boot, e, 'mouse, JadedBeauty, littledevilworks

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'mouse, e, Grudknows, Boot, You can call me, 'Sir', littledevilworks, Skif, Bakerina, Pam

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'mouse, Other Keith, Pam, Boot, and one real name I can't quite match up with a screen name